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omg, thanx so much 4 clicking on this! u’re like amazing now! LOL! ik tht this vid isn’t the best, but it’s my 1st 1 and i wasn’t rely sure wut i was doing. u might have 2 pause at some partz bcuz it will go 2 fast 4 u 2 read, but it’s the best i could do and yah, ik, some of the quotes r rely cheezy but i think they’re pretty cute:) PLEZE leave comments, subscribe, be my friend and rate ths vid! i will LOVE u SOO much if u do!! :):):) the song is called ‘stranger’ by secondhand serenade and the pics r NOT mine. i wish, lol! 🙂 and ik, some of the pics r like emoish, but i LUV them and think they r SOO cute! so yah… peace and luv 2 ya! 🙂

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***Survival*** says:

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TheSlipknotSniper says:

why am i crying? ;-;

Jose Can says:

This vid is so dam cute

Randy Black says:

oh no call the police that boy stole my heart!!! lol thats great u_u

ToniAnne Machala says:

for ur first video ur effin awesome 🙂 i love the song awesome quotes im defiantly subscribin

Siobhan McMahon says:

love it :DD

NikoAntwon Hinton says:

This Vid is awesome… real nice shieet

Diana Montoya says:

Were did u get that picture @3:04 i Love it!

Oldskool Jetz says:

wow those quotes were really deep they really spoke 2 me

Oldskool Jetz says:

wow that was very deep

curiosty-killed-me says:


Naira Hassan says:

ur videoo is adorable!!!

Shadow Reaper says:

that was really sweet, makes you think a bit also… best to savor the moment while its still there… you really should post more of these they are heart warming

Jahanara Zamir says:

LMFAO I didnt read tht XD

Jahanara Zamir says:

ii <<33333333333333333333 this vid which songg btw(*:

Bridget Clayton says:

what song is this i luvv it

Joonie’s Wifey says:

love it..
keep up ur good work!!!

Whitney P says:

great video, it was nice to watch, i love it 🙂

NastiaV says:

goood job:)

ruhel5254 says:


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