Cute love quotes

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Cute love quotes! Song][ who am i to say by hope ][

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anammalik Malik says:

Yes i am crying my best czn my czn only one no brother no sister my aunty crying iam crying my czn crying Allah Pak Mari czn ko bohat kushe da or naseeb acha kar ameen

kencho zam says:

🎉😋💌💕❤u 😍😘in true love there is patience, loyal, trust, bond n faith , need to keep ones words, promise, its ones life.😙💏👫🏡✨👍👍✌✌✌

Pushpendra Mavi says:

I will wait for you my dear till you not come

Aleesha Sirren says:

Aww, don't be sad.
Ur heart is my heart
Love u baby ❤️

Tina Dilworth says:

sick of this….

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

I'm different person,
You've been waited for such a long time🕧
It'hard and tough the life⛅☁
But im the person who truely loves you for a life time ❤
You know you are the part of my life 🌹❤

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

You are my life time in these world❤

Megan Oldham says:

It takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to stand back up💖💖

Deziree Kalkbrenner says:

This made me cry dam I'm not wanted

Beulah Markus says:

Its so sweet, it almost make me cry

Cuhx says:

Who am I to say by hope.

Cuhx says:

I love you Ruth :')

Anahe Salgado says:

The Second To The Last Quote Though Got Me .

Rosie Evans says:

Kiss your hand 10 times. Say your crushes names 15 times. Post this to two videos and he will ask you out tommorow

nicole roshh says:

love love love

leaticia alil says:

i would write this to my love

xXCandy333Xx says:

I have that special feeling for someone who has that feeling right back <3

Jack To The Future says:

It brings me to tears… He's moving and he's not coming back.. He won't remember me.. The girl that's been in live with him for a year, linger than anyone else

Bird Scott says:

i was just trying to help.. hater, i found a troll on youtube yay -blocks-

Bird Scott says:

Who am I to say – Hope

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