cute love quotes

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these are cute quotes I found. The songs called so sick by Ne yo. I DONT OWN THE SONG OR ANY OF THAT STUFF! enjoy 🙂

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Kaitlynn Cooper says:

When these made me think of my ex. && I started bailing :c && this song didnt help at ALL!

gleefanforever100 says:

you have no heart

gleefanforever100 says:

my fave one is 1:45

Wendy H says:

the one at 1:37 is my fave and its so true.

Niko Vasquez says:


Anastasia Moser says:

omg thats true love right there with the grandma and grandpa

itsMarielle says:

i loved the first one 😀

Crystal-Lee Kapa says:

mooooooorrrrrreee plz !!!

Mikaela Mendoza says:

cute quotes…
could've used some music though.. 😀

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