Cute And Sad Love Quotes. (:

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Here are just some random love quotes. (:
Songs are; Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade.
Crush-David Archuleta.

Enjoy. (:

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goodgod38 says:

I did what you just said! I bit a bullet to purchased
the program you are mentioning was totally bombed!
I followed all the guides there and she started to
miss me and started calling and messaging me
tat she misses me so much and that she still loves
me.We met yesterday and neither of us have been
so happy as we did then..:) Thanks to it dude!!
PS: u mispelled the site name. Its:
put dots in place of the commas

Char Taylor says:

Aw this is cute

Miguel Pinedo says:

Second one is the reason I'm here

Nissa Takahashi says:

Beautiful, great job

jhayjhay kyutt says:

it's so very very hard to having amoment like that ! T_T

ThaG Hernandez says:

some people walk away to find somethinq better but that one person who loved you you will never find another love just like that maybe for a while theyll seem soo inlove with you but then the trouble will come and w the partner u had before thy pull up with yo bs but the new one ipromise you thy wont

Kayla Joyceyy says:

I figured you would. You already took like..a lot lol.

Bethany Spindler says:

Love it kay kay lol. Ima steal all the sayings(:

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