Cute and Romantic Love Quotes ♡ ♥ I love you! ♡ ♥ 2017

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jl dotson says:


Elsie Guerrero says:

I love U to. mahal ko .. i am here for U ..mahal ko .. bless.always.. sweetheart .. ⛅💘👫🌹❣.

Mike or patty Rhoades says:


Jelena Vojvodic says:

Ti si moj alfa mužjak koji ne da da mu se pridje sad.. Od srede biće bolje. Ljubim te. "♥️

kencho zam says:

💌💕❤u 😍😚😘same feelings ….💏👫miss u 😢😋take care.. ….💝🏡✨🎉✌👍

Jane Hernandez says:

That picture i sent i meant it to be an indian not what u thought it might be. Anyway i wil try to have a good day, but im missing u so much.🙁

Rickey Engle says:

i love you my love now and forever,,Adriana,,i want you too honey baby,,i hope you never do baby,,i want us to do that forever,,i will you to my love,,i try to give you my love a year and haft ago but you did not want me,,our love is forever,,i love you my love,,kisssssss,,hugggggg

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Wow I love going to the beach, ocean etc. Love yeaxoxo😍

Mira Lizada says:

My love don't worry because i promise you now. ..I'm still loving you forever what ever happen. .and i give you what you want to to me because i want you to make me happy together forever. ..good night again. ..i hug and kiss you now before we sleep. …mwaah 💏❤

mehnab khan says:

Thank you for loving me. I love you only you

Jean Carbillon says:

The word I love u more it reminds me of someone very special to me

Elsie Guerrero says:

sweetheart .love u .I am just thank U .Ur are always with me and take with me….The GOD..always Savior on U ..together .Mysweetheart.💜💕⛅🌹❣

Anita Ferns says:

Main aapki hoon aapke siwa. kisi ki nahi khaati hoon kasam forever my most HANDSOME simple HUMSAFAR

Aleesha Sirren says:

Nice quote 👌👌👌👌👌
Mua Mua Kia kia🌷🌷🌸

Mira Lizada says:

I swear to God I'm in love with you my soul mate and I always praying to God give me a good man for me again I hope you are the right man for to be coming and my life someday. …

Elsie Guerrero says:

truely love.if the man is reality .about lover.very sweet…💘💘💘🌹🌳💒

Nicole Srivastva says:

I will love you till the end of my life 😍❤😍

Martine & Mary Hernandez says:

There's nothing fake or untrue about the love my man and I share…. see you later lover💜💚🌏👑💍🐞🐸

Ida Kirkbride says:

Love you always forever and a day !

Sunev Op says:

Good………..why u done a lot of things for me and dont let me know………… the past and now…… not know someone waiting for me so long…………..In the past……I phoned u in office……always the answer he was busy and the line off……..touch me now……..

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