Best Quotes For Her

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Best Quotes For Her.

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Viven Mitchell says:

I trust you now, I really don't about what you do. I just want you to be healed ,and happy. I love to see the lights in your eyes when you looked at me. I love you.

Jane Hernandez says:

G'night handsome, have a good sleep i love u and i will talk to u tomm.

Anil Lata Prasad says:

Yes Thx you very much.its beautiful heart touching,

Jason Sandifer says:

When in Love viewing the HEART, MIND, SPIRIT is Paramount, before anything else for me.

maria mistretta says:

I know right so weird how player guys used women online.

Laurie Estep says:

You are my growing pain but the best kind

Laurie Estep says:

I'm going to make it

Tina Dilworth says:

Bobby iloveyou…more…

sukaina Imran says:

Nice & beautiful quotes ever 👌👌

tiffany nathasingh says:

Damn i love 💘 this. You just keep surprising me. I would love too kids I the rain bye the way it's my favorite weather. Weird huh? Wanna know something I 💘💘love u. I miss u and I just wanna be with ya.

Ngoh Kristen says:

Beautiful n wonderful well verse n encouraged. ☺️

kencho zam says:


Renee Ren-Patterson says:

It is the best quotes!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories and remind a true feeling forever….I believe that we're never forgetting all, because we have a beautiful mind!!!

sue carrigan says:

So very true. All I ever wanted to do was to hold you close to me, you hid behind a helicopter, and broke my heart in the process

Lois Prince says:

On this Day I find these Love ❤️Quotes Right on Time for the way that I Feel Thank You 🙏🏽 😊😘

Stella Ercolani says:

From the grifter with the twit brigade. Lmao

Merle Mitchell says:

These Quotes We're wonderful.. THANK YOU.

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