Best love quotes for her / him or some one special to you

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Bridget lee says:

Beautiful words expressing true love and affection for that special someone everyone deserves to experience true love nothing can ever replace it thank you so much for the tag it's certainly touched my heart you have certainly blessed us with those beautiful words have a blessed day.

Geeta Desai says:

GoogleI Loveu too much u

kencho zam says:

🎉😊😍💌💕❤u😚😘the best thing to hold onto in life is each other…….💏👫🏡✨✌👍

Sallie Mae says:

I dont care about YouTube it seems I always mess it up.Can I just talk to the real person that I adore without even meeting him.why does YouTube determine the outcome of my life.

sulagna banerjee says:

Brilliant 👌👌👌


What beautiful quotes.
You can not help who you fall in love with.
It's with your heart, not your eyes.

Elle Meek says:

Beautiful quotes.. I love it..

Renaissance Man says:

That's basically such an indefinable beauty.

Naveen Gajendra says:

I Love My Love A Lot…))

Rachel Green says:

Keep love in your heart.

Bettyd wanti says:

Love you☺

zouhair susanne touhami says:


Endy M says:

OMG I so needed this today my heart is hurting emotion S are high and just feeling really down today I really needed this

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