Beautiful Quotes on Life, Friendship and Love.

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Amazing quotes on life,love and Friendship with beautiful instrumental music.

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Messages from the Heart says:

Great quotes. So beautiful.. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. In fact, you inspired me to make my own quotes video πŸ™‚

Caroline Lim says:

All I want to listen your deeply heart for me, how about that, Can I ? πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ


Nice work. Support my channel

mary joseph says:

ok jay if you feel. you will be hurt then leave it be it at peace

kencho zam says:


Irma Wilkins says:

Something it all way bring me back to you I have never Love πŸ’˜ some one like I Love you unconditional.l don't want break up your serious relationship

Kerstin Bergman says:

Love you too much iOS craying can,t ser,!we mest again. Somwtimes God luck with your life and family Bid Hugs Miss for ever,☘️☘️😘

Manjura Das says:

same for me I lv him but very pain ful to forget

aneesha udatha says:

Never sacrifice relationships because they are most important things in our life. Your family comes first. Family means the people who help us in times of need and cherish each and every moment of our life. To make your family bigger try Onata for making your neighborhood as a family.

aneesha udatha says:

I think the relationship depends on how we treat each other. It doesn’t apply only to your life partner but also to the people around you. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone this will give you and other immense happiness and make a relationship for no reason. Try to help others and make others happy by using Onata.

Cindy C. says:

I do listen to my heart.

Mariam driver says:

Thank you,this is such a beautiful quote

luz mata says:

thank you for that wonderful quotes i like it

Kathleen Hudson says:

Love the quotes. Love and friendship keeps a heart happy even in moments of sadness. Love is forever even through tears. Thank you.

Rebecca Lidberg says:


Robin Murray says:

the theme music has a heart warming feel. the words give a lost soul like mine hope.

Conception Web says:

very cool let me show young page facebook of quotes cultural internationals you know our potential it's you don't forget i like and be positive

Quotes4all says:

What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?

May Star Dagpin says:

love much…it made me miss
him more..

Jins Varghese says:


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