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akkash KHILADI says:

Awesome 👌👌

Nilo Gumemba says:

I love my love always ur in my heart!

Victoria Highfill says:


Frankie Flowers says:

🖤u know who this is for.

Frankie Flowers says:

2nd part I love kids. I could organize a parking lot filled with kids,. Kids, who I raised and now have kids, kids of their own now, they will tell you about me. I have had organized events many years for them, and awarded them for their achievements, no matter what it was. If it was good, I awarded them. I would invite, recording artists, and after I submit written proposals, to the Mayor, he has shown up also. Pastors, choirs donations were done. Dunk tank set up balloons a damn carnival going on around here. As well as a cleanup crew on duty. Y’all don’t know me. I am a creator a organizer, by nature. . Instead of criticizing my talents. My boldness, my meanness, sternness, efficiency, follow the rules standards, and don’t take no bullshit attitude, instead of condemning these qualitiesI have. Why don’t you put them to good use. And send me overseas, to China or Tokyo to start up business ova there. Provide a translator for me. A soft spoken one. Then I would no longer be a thorn in your side and we could all be happy. See, I’ll be outta sight, outta mind. You will have finally got rid of me and I will go.

Frankie Flowers says:

If he was coming toward me. It wouldn’t matter now, I can’t deal with love right now. Battle stepped in the way. They block us everyday. I had to go into spiritual battle. And I’ve been picking up every word of choice that I don’t even like to use. Terrible.and so sudden, like a flash, this thing happened. I’m waiting on good news cause I been praying for grants to come to follow my dreams and a true love to come, so fools would move out the way. They think I want one package but I don’t know what packages. Of love God has for me. I don’t know where he is he could be overseas for all I know. And I don’t think it’s gonna be anytime soon. I’m thinking 20 years from now. I pray for it but it feels a long way off. Like everything else. I’m use to it now. . I don’t want to take opportunities, I want to earn opportunities. But not at the price of being humiliated. No your asking me to battle you by infiltrating in on my life. And then when I show up you walk away. The mythology of that got me confused. Stand your ground because, I would. Not hide, hiding is what cowards do. I love hero’s, police officers, fire fighters, medical units, veterans, nurses, protestors because their brave. As selfish and self centered, as you think I am. Since you think I’m a dreamer,. Imma give you a dreamer scenario of who I am. If I was walking down the street and saw a pedophile, taking a 👶. A baby. I would jump all over his ass. He could knock my teeth out, cut me, slice my face bone deep, shoot me, stab and kick me, but I will get up and keep fighting him off. He will not leave with that child. Even if it was my hardcore enemies child. I cannot let that happen. I could be her/his last glimmer of hope. Fuck You Mutherfucker, your not leaving with the kid. You on the other hand is still on hold with the police. Cause the lines are blocked.☔️🖤

Josephine Burgos says:

Perfect. Great quotes. I love you my way.

Donna Heard says:

I agree but I also am not one well me personally to be an idiot and take them back when you've seen them flaunting their shit with other women ,not my type of guy,not what I define as love ,just somebody to fool about with ,leave them to it. 😁

Edward Wood says:

3:59 If you love something, let it go free
If it comes back, it's yours
If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it

Ruth Barron says:

"The BEST relationships usually Begin UNEXPECTEDLY.."

Ruth Barron says:

"If the Relationship doesn't Make YOU a BETTER PERSON…You're with the WRONG ONE."

Sallie Mae says:

If you love somebody from afar and you dont have guts to tell her,set her free but dont put her under your spell.if you cant set her free have the guts to tell her and never ever put her under the spell.there is so called free will.


Really A very beautiful quotes touched to heart deeply painful

Game Lover says:

00:52 Damn true!!!!

Fair Lalyn Ortiga says:

Real love doesn't make any mistakes

SK Samer says:

Go go free get your happiness..

Lynn Fernandes says:

Move on poofter.

Lynn Fernandes says:

Go wt your new girl i have no room fr a cheater.

Lynn Fernandes says:

U make me cry. U are happy wt Meritxell. Go marry her. I DONT WANT TO BE IN HOT WATER WT U. SORT your own problems out dont make them mine. u are making it a joke u Biatch.

Lynn Fernandes says:

oh so u were teasing me. u creep. BSTARD.

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