Anime Sad Quotes

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Xx_Timothy_xX Gacha says:

"If you want to have a happy ending, why not living your life happily till the end"

Fizz Kizz says:

08:45 someone plz help me. I don't get what ma little tiga tryna say.😅

Fizz Kizz says:

04:42 TOMOE!! Ma heart😭

Fizz Kizz says:

03:23 I feel ya girl😭

The Story Seer says:

We all have our shadow to stay with us and even when the light's go out and even if it is a demon it gets bigger surrounding you and holding you, because you're giving off the light to make the shadow of yours.

Sulufaiga Tufuga says:

9:28 I really like this girl but I want her to be happy even if I am not part of her happiness

Emotional AnimeLover says:

“Even when she was beside me, she was like the wind. She was with me… but unreachable.”
I can relate to this so much

Izza Syahirah says:

when you're feeling emotional but at 4:36 you laugh

Just an A.i says:

Emotions is luxury people take for granted

but when they lose it they want it back

Yatsumi Ayakashi says:

How did they know?!

David Stankovič says:

m8 you can fake feelings. Also nice video. But I cant watch these. I get way too emotional for some reason.

「·《【—• 死亡之龙 •—】》·」 ___ says:

Hello, anyone who is reading this. I have a message.

Don’t cry.
Don’t sob.
Don’t lose hope.
Don’t hurt.
You can make the difference, if not alone.
And I will be there, for as long as you need it.

-Someone that knows and cares

multi- blaster says:

"I wanted your shoulder to cry on, to lean on. But I didn't want to stain it with my ugly tears, and filth of being."

Miss Anonymous says:

My anxiety and depression comes for all different things this is one 10:15

Yuuki Marvell says:

Ive been in deep sadness for eight years. Because my trust, bonds, and well, my positive emotions were broken and shattered, i dont remember what having a true friend is like, and what a joy it is. Ive considered going to a therepist, but, im scared that their going to say something, or hurt me with it. Ik there not legally allowed to but this fear is something i cant just put away. Damn, it got bad huh? So to anyone who is like this, know you'll might find someone to help you, i hope so, because ik i won't. And to the people who are smiling and/or hurting others in your good life, WAKE UP!! people like me want to have the joy either what was robbed or you took!!!! If you want to help, be 'hero', or just make it up, help the person in front of you! Whos right there and needs someone, before its to late, and they either take their life, or give up on people! I say this, because ik its to late for me, i cant even smile without an ache in my chest, and im in such a small class that has turned on me ik no one will save me, i want to reach out for everyone, but ik i cant…
So if you still have a heart, or the desire to help, Go help, there is still a chance!

anime هيرو says:

when you realize the girl at 5:34 is the same girl at 9:37

Plamen Garvanski says:

"We are not given a bad life or a good life we are given a life its up to us to make it good or bad"
I made mine good but the people around me ruined it!

Stine_knight Gaming says:

What music did u use its like sad but at the same time relaxing

MG Kei says:

5:38 what anime please..

Ace KinG says:

depression levels have intensified

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