A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman Quotes – Quotes About Love & Caring

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A Real Man Never Hurts A Woman Quotes – Quotes About Love & Caring

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Elmer Gamolo says:

Yesss that was perfectly 100% true, and be aware of those woman which are demonic possess because they will suck you, until you die. Be aware to that , this only one thing i can suggest both of you, even a woman or a man be aware to those DEVIL WORSHIPERS…

seven perfect girls says:

Yes fr sure womns cn go thrugh sufferi gs & tribulations in her iwn life nomttr if she has too she wiuld prefer tke all sufferi gs with truth rther thn be with lies f fear & fr surely, a real truthfull womn tears mttrs most highfull in eyes f him & in his court f judgemnt may be nt in frnt f s*** kind f ppl i agree r may be nt in frnt f those cruel wrld were we live. The tears f a truthfull womn cn lead to anymns disaster in this wrld nomttr his love fr her whther he lies & thn thy try to patch up with truth…. Whtever happns nxt is only frm god who keeps an eye on evryone isnt it but usually ppl think wht thy think wht thy want hppns & our concept f thinking is little higher in stndrd & thinking wise too alwyz so tht thy feel like thy gt betrayed though he knws very well the reality was warning & u didnt listen r obey & tried to ignored fr ur purpose finlly whn u brkedown with all ur bldy hopes were shttered u try to com up sayi g tht u gt betrayed nw i would say tht is a biggest lie ur lying to ursekf thn too ppl knwing the fact & she warned u frm the beg f it still u committed r tried to committ a sin blmed the innocnt one so nt evn almighty frgives those kind f ppl bcz u tried to cheat on a person who is straightfrwrd & truthfull tobe eitjr u cnt withstnd thr truth r thm so u crssed ur limits so almighty shwed thr plces were thy had tobe oneday😊thr are ppl whm almighty granted fr thr seekness f help & may be evn wht true love it would be like this…. To mke us realise wht a true love means fr somone. It tkes lot f hardships, understnding the ups & down, it tkes a hell f a ride in shrt but still hng on it fr lifetime. Nomttr a person love us but whther itis true r fke it shws up till the end f life without any terms r conditions may be. Whm whn God Almighty appoints the ppls help thn nomttr wht by hook r cook noone cn ruin nt a si gle strnd f hair neither the chrctr frm behind u see bcz tht person is appointed as a rescuer fr the person who was getting oppressed frm all the ways f her life at tht time whn thy had clear cut concept in mind & frnt f ppl still the ppl tried to ply gmes frm behind with thr s*** minds by gtti g lower in eyes f humnity i would say .At tht momnt only a Sensible & intellignt person cn go thrugh the whl fact f truth nomttr being a secret spy frm abveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜Šbut atleast thy knw if thy dnt stnd up with the truth tomorrow it cn lead thm to disaster r accuntble in here & hereaftr 😊

Renaissance Man says:

That's so true.


Now this excludes almost all of the Islamic world, many of the others. What deep shit you testosterones have put yourselves into, cry for yourselves with those who ran after you.

maria mistretta says:

I agree God know everything and every time a man hurt women jesus know it.
Forgiving a man that wanted to hurt me is easy but to retrust that person that takes time to rebuild trust. I forgave my ex but to trust him that different. I don't have trust issues a man has lie issues.
That differences.

Carol Lindley says:

A real man never hurts a woman. He is careful with his actions and never betrays or disrespects her. He is very protective and forgiving and will put up with her moods and faults. If she is afraid of something or someone even if they are a friend of his. He will always put her feelings first and be protective of her. He will even risk his life for her and never lie or break his promises.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€”

Ruth Barron says:


Julia Momoh says:

Much Godly love to you, kisses

Julia Momoh says:

Almighty God I thank you a lot for the life of this person, (scripted) may you keep him/her and the family under the protection of your wings Amen and Amen, sweet JESUS.
Dear Lord JESUS, this is exactly what am going through in my present relationship, only Almighty God knows what am really going through in the secret. I want to say I have some relief after reading this message.
Be you Christian or non-Christian, or free thinker, may Almightyfather bless you.

Vijaya Kumari says:

"When a woman cries ,God counts her tears and makes her more strong !!"πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‘°!!!!
"The real man treats his woman equally in his joys and sorrows…stands as pillar in her progress.!!πŸ‘²πŸ‘ΈπŸ’•!!"

Aidah Abd Ghani says:

I'll pray for that real man.😊

Renaissance Man says:

That's so true & it's correctly said !!!

kencho zam says:


Lee says:

I know a real man an i love him!

Lee says:

That was so beautiful an so did it touch my heart!! Im still crying!! Thank you!

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