70 Long Distance Relationship Quotes

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Nilo Gumemba says:

Love, thank you so much for the beautiful LDR quotes ramdam sa puso talaga mga quotes na un love,l love you so much my love, little time nalang love me and you we will together forever,l love you with all of my heart sweetheart!

Phethile Maseko says:

Gudnite my love…sweetdreams mis u

deborah jones says:

Frank, I love you dearly, my sweet devoted husband.

Elis Alice says:

I miss him.. I with him two years.. He at paris.. We so busy on work.. But we text in one weeks on sunday when we free.. I love you j

NAPI Points says:

my girl i am in love with you and i do forever it has been 2 years we are apart i miss u so much

syafiatul khusnah says:

Trying to be with him is like trying to catch a stars 😭😭😭

Ester Willis says:

This message is not to the person who initially made and posted this video for enjoyment. I apologize for making this statement in advance. This message isn't to you. It's to the ones and they know who they are that are purposely posting it on my feed to antagonize me.

Find something else to do.

Arlene Pandoma says:

What is the tittle of the song ?

zak Sarwari says:

( I say good morning ; ¥ΩU say good night. Long_distance living isn't alright , but I know we have what it takes to stay tight. ) 💘🙌


Pushpendra Mavi says:

Bealive Hain Nahi na call Ka na Milne Ka na kuch batane Ka aur ummed ki koi intezaar karega kis bharose sirf kuch pic ke bharose Jo koi BHI daal sakta Hain

janvivi sheila says:

I also want one and try a distance relationship 😉

Kimberly Sean says:

🙏💜 Can't wait…. but I will.

Lea jean Evasco says:

the music please

Reveron Everon says:


Reveron Everon says:

morning ♍ have a blessed day and be good
love is the essence of Waiting , have patience
love you forever ♍ more
👭💕💓💋 love you forever and always most

Joy Lucas says:

May long distance b s dom at s bata e alam nl social media nl at cp no nl.kagaguhan.kilig n kilig nga dom e

Rose Agaatsz says:

True love never dies ! ❤️

Marion Hegarty says:

Just happened upon this page I was just about to throw in the towel just about to give on the one thing I know is meant to be in my life God gave me another chance to be happy and I'm not wasting it second chances don't come around that often my true love he knows who he is someday I pray he see's my messages I have left them all over youtube, there a hidden treasure for him to find a special gift from my heart to his gifts from Luther Vandross Mr barry white the main man and lots more far to many to mention most of my heroes reside in heaven may they rest in peace we both have special angels looking down on us and i thank them from the both of us now im falling back in love with him again,its true what they say love will find away !!!!!!!! this is the proof, so thank you for making one girl very happy may the Lord shine his light on you all ways Xx

Sierra Niebergall says:

My boyfriend and I are 7000 miles apart

Shinjini Biswas says:

long distance relationships are more truer than arm hearted close relations. it worths more. it cares more. distance never separates two hearts.

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