5 Amazing Love Quotes From American English Songs

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In this lesson, you’ll learn 5 Amazing Love Quotes From American Songs that are used every day in USA.

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The German's Universe says:

It's look like you're about to cry, nice voice by the way

Igo Man says:

Cool! I like this girl

khair mohammad says:

So fantastic

Pascual Beltre says:

I like this lesson, but fascinates me as sing Becky, and your eyes are so beautiful

Arturo Carrasco Huamán says:


Blake says:

Beutiful woman!

andyjeancolombia says:

I’ve seen that these are not American songs but US songs. Are not?

Leandro Ali says:

I really love you singing!!!!!

Abdullox Sharipov says:

quit teaching , just start singing

asghar mohammadi says:

Wow u sing perfectly

Ilse Lena Santos says:

Amazing video. Love you singing. 😍

Mikha Atef says:

i want to practise my English with anyone by chatting on facebook.

Huy nguyễn says:

i love your sound, alisha can't do this 🙂

Bruno Moriá says:

Wow! So good! You become more beautiful after talking and singing.. love it!

Marcus Mo says:

You are a funny teacher, like you, love your style

throwthetoastvll says:

Thanks a lot! Enjoyed both the quotes and your voice!

김현철 says:

Your voice is so cool~!

jiangze ma says:

Oh,teacher.Sometimes i don't know how to translate these songs,their real meanings are different from dictionary.

Nuno says:

MaLu Project – Heartbeat (Marc Korn Bigroom Remix Edit) 😛

Dandara Costa says:

I will see this class much more kkk she's amazing and she sings so well,thank you for funny class.😗

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