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Honestly, I already know about BTS since they debut. But, I need a long time until decided to follow their activities. The main reason about that decision is: I fell in love with their lyric’s song.

I know a lot of K-pop song, but I never feel ‘I-must-know-the-translation-from-this-song” except BTS.

All about lyric translation I got from many blog (lol) and information about writers every song I got from wikipedia.
Musics are by Love Yourself Reel Part 2 Piano Cover by Ryuseralover and Love Yourself Full Audio by Deathbunni XO.
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sukanyaoppa pt. 2 says:

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Lisa Nurhaliza says:

Today they went to grammy awards,, how proud I am,, I love bts because their song could changed my life,,

Kyuluvchang says:

House of Cards hurt me in lot of way, u know that time when you want to just give up coz its stupid, fragile and just impossible and yet something inside you keep saying 'try again please'

Krystel Marie says:

So I’m crying here…….while watching

azzie_ Asshie says:

Once two Co-ARMY asked me…

Her and Him: Why do you like BTS?

I didn't know how to respond so I asked…

Me:Why do you like BTS?

Her: I like them because they are sucha drok and they are so funny.

Him:I like them because they are good in singing and their dances are so amazing!

I didn't know how to respond.. but in the end I said.

Me:I like them because of their amazing performances and how they are so cheerful but I love them because they made my life better. With their laughs, music and what they have gone through. BTS is an inspiration to me.

Many people fall in Love with BTS because they are such cheerful and positive persons but Many ARMY or most likely every ARMY fell in love with BTS because of how inspirational they are to our lives…

To those who say we fans of them should just leave them because they'll leave us too and that we only love them because of their appearance. Well no, When people say those words to me I don't speak anymore because whatever I say none of them would listen. None of them understands how much I love BTS with all my heart. I love them all of them, not only their dorkiness, not only theit positive and cheerful side but everything and I am not ashamed to call myself an ARMY~💜💜💜


Shanu says:

2:50 this hurts the most because this is seriously gonna happen someday. They would disband to settle with their families leaving each other. Leaving music. Leaving us all. Leaving their family,Bangtan. :'(

hey beach I want SuGa says:

it. making. me. cry. really. hard.

Gpmplayz says:

Jump is the best I mean It talks about them and who they are and they are also encouraging the youth to dream about their hero in a HIPHOP BEAT 😂😂😂

Aastha Rajput says:

I am very emotional right now. BTS has seriously helped us a lot. They are everyone's inspiration. Everything they sing, speak, and show, has a very deep meaning. The depth in their voice is as deep as ocean. We ARMYs are blessed to have angels like BTS in our life. And to the creater of this video, I would like to say thank you for making this video. Every letter, ever word, every line, and every quote meant something very deep and meaningful.

ImmaProtectStrayKids says:

This made me cry.

Bangtan Sonyeon damn says:

U know that ur really army when u can sing these quotes ❤️

Bangtan Sonyeon damn says:

I’m always thankful for not earning anything so easily

Suga_cypher pt.4

JeonJungkook’s Wifey says:

I have to write a quote from a musical artist so ofc, I chose BTS ❤️

Chikinchichyued says:

"I know it's pathetic, for not having something as common as a dream"

This is a line that changed me.

Chikinchichyued says:

This is why I'm an ARMY. So Far Away reached out to my dreamless self and I suddenly found myself wanting more- wanting a goal in this crazy life. And hey, now Im proudly dreaming ☺ BTS might just be some famous boy groups around to others, but to me, they're like a fundation. they're better than those Officers and Doctos saying they understand you when they actually dont.

peachyemms says:

“I’m comforting myself. I tell myself that there is no such thing as a perfect world, I’m slowly becoming emptier and emptier”- young forever. I’m happy to find lyrics that can represent how I always feel, but I feel extremely sad to know they once felt the same when writing this 🙁 I wouldn’t want them to feel this way. Such kind souls.

Büşra Ünver says:

In my opinion bts is underrated when it comes to lyrics/meanings, not many people talk about or appreciate their own words they share with us, that we can relate so much, that helps us so much, people tend to overlook the fact that bts music speaks to your soul like a fine art. When I realised this I wanted to make a video like top 30 most meaningful bts songs just to show that I have at least 30 songs that I appreciate a lot 😂

Saida Azzaoui says:

Those words have a big meaning thank you so much, it's a really amazing video❤

suga is not impressed says:

I hate myself most of bts lyrics i cant understand😭 english is not my first language. Im struggling to understand their lyrics.😭😭😭

Sonia Pérez says:

Amazing video! Thanks so much. BTS lyrics are very deep and relatable and i love them for this.

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