44 Amazing Quotes Hurt Feelings of Love | Life | Family | Heart Break

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44 Amazing Quotes Hurt Feelings of Love | Life | Family | Heart Break
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Penni Williams -Elliott says:

finding out your whole family lied to you all your life. hard to take. especially knowing whar you wanted was different to wants. i wanted creativity and fun and they wanted power and money. so sad.


Really so true every quotes have a Heart touching meaning

Donna Scollard says:

My feelings ? don't worry about them no one else does sums it up perfect for me😢

Ezan Adikaram says:

I am all me, people are who they are sometimes we they come just to show their true colour, is all an experienced you just have to wise up take it by the chin and smile

Nisha dubey says:

Reading all these comments actually gives me courage to handle my pain. Thank you people..

Rhonda Soullier says:

My relationship has too much interest from too many others and we suffer for it. It's true you should never give advise to two in a relationship, what has happened as he now has a relationship about me. And thats a big shout out to all you all who thought you knew better. Mind your own business and don't be so sneaky.

Christine Musana says:

Whoever hated me for nothing I forgive them and hand them to Gods court room

Ada Souvannarath says:

Both words and actions hurt the same

rose jeudy says:

Gmllcoolj .you never been in love everythink is protitutions ,you will never know what love mean ,like Ice tea said his father never hug him he Doesnt know how to act to his son and coco help him plus a baby he see how much heart miss and his son life you have money that the shit you believe put that another place and you see how much you missing special the 2wife with those kids there muss there fathers he Doesnt matters you have a lots off kids ,how you make anyone feel that the stories stay that why when someone says he care abouts you ,you have to open let that person help you. Go sitedown thinking about Frank physical but Frank you jurkoff your mind gone bad thing make your good feeling better
Evenything will be alright
May God bless you my son
Listening for the good advice and move one with your mind.

Frankie Flowers says:

I’m used to it it’s cool tho.🖤

Daniel Gronau says:

Give it to god I did. I lost everything. Fighting cancer at same time. Love father. It will be ok.

Elizabeth Schuyler says:

4:43 well Someone coughjakobcough didn’t even care about hurting me in the first place so imagine how easy it must’ve been for him to do it with knowing he did.

Elizabeth Schuyler says:

When did people stop falling for I’m fine in my school?

Elizabeth Schuyler says:

1:56 the first one for me bc the 2nd one never happened.

Elizabeth Schuyler says:


The actual retard known as me says:

So my crush hurt me really bad in my heart and now every time I see him I either want to punch him in the face or go cry in the corner and hes in my class this year so life is going great… Also it actually is because I found someone even better than he will ever be for me and that person is my best friend and he likes me back and I wish I found him earlier in life….. Wow sad into happy cool

Nazar Marquez says:

THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD IS BEING HURT BY SOMEONE YOU LOVE. Uo nga tama 'to, sobrang sakit na, hindi ko na kaya.

Donna Heard says:

Worst feeling is not being with the one you love I think ,if they hurt you ha screw that it's easier you got something to work on like forgetting them because they are not worth it so ,haha miss know it all ,🙈🙈not) 🤣🤣 but I would say Def easier dealing with a breakup than not to be with the one you love ✌️

Frankie Flowers says:

I really do love you, you don’t think I do but I’m truly in love with you. Your all I think about. And thank you. I know it was you. Crying 😭 these words went deep into my soul. To stay forever.your far from me but your in my heart and that’s as close as anyone can get. Your closer to me than you think. Come come to me. Come in me. 🖤 I’m really sorry your not hear right now, holding me, like your supposed to be. Come, I won’t turn you away. I won’t.

true gamer says:

Best quote i heard is " for you i was just a chapter, for me you were the book

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