37 Quotes on Sadness & Love by Ranata Suzuki

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ALL QUOTES BY: Ranata Suzuki
Thank you for sharing all this beautiful words with us ♥️

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LaFleur says:

All quotes are by the talented Ranata Suzuki!
Thank you for sharing all this beautiful words with us ♥️
More beautiful quotes: http://www.ranatasuzuki.com

Juhel Debbarma says:


Sophie Foster Fan Club says:

They laugh at me because I'm different I laugh at them because they are all the same.

Mi a says:

omg ist das schön

Kayli Everett says:

I really felt that

Hansani Gamage says:

sometimes I wonder if we made a mistake?wht if we weren't meant to let go of eachother.wht if it was a test and we failed….thnk u guys soo much.i jzt broke up frm a 8 yr relationship..these quotes r so genuine and kind..thnk u once again for doing this

Prerna Arya says:

Thanx for making it longer ……. PEACE

Evanah Era says:

Queen you won my heart 😇😇 truly 😇 that's a very lovely and deep thinking….

misthi evol says:

This video made me cry very very BADLY 💔😭 I don't even tell that which one is my favorite 💖Love all the holl video # it's just melt my heart 😘😘 Big bigger biggest fan of your @LaFleur😍😘💖.

S.S. Sia says:

400th like.

Lee Roy says:

All of them relates to me… First I thought only Laura could write these kind of wonderful quotes..but them I read Renata's.. Just loved it!!!

Idris Rangala says:

Literally awesome

Ashu vini says:

Omg they r soo beautiful qoutes made me cry

Daisy Kedward says:

We tend to hold onto pain far longer than we should when its the last thing we have left of something we love.
Im just learning how true that is

Kristen Richardson says:

Thank you. I love all of these.

Rabia Basri says:

OMG… These Words….My Heart is going Down and Down….❤️

Chitra Das says:

Beautiful lines..heart touching …I do appreciate for ur deep felng for luv..thanks for sharing… Luv u

Michelle George says:

man…I felt this… this wasn't just watching a YouTube video, it was like going through the thoughts still stored in my shattered heart…I'm not sure i even want to anymore, but it's just too beautiful… after all, there is beauty in the ashes of a heart that burned for what it loved, right?

joshua akotia says:


Hnsika Saxena says:

Its as deep as an ocean Lafleur….Ranata did a great n inspiring job…May every beautiful soul gets to see this….WITH ALL LOVE…

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