35+ Deep Love Quotes For One Sided Lovers – Best Sad Love Quotations

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35+ Deep Love Quotes For One Sided Lovers – Best Sad Love Quotations

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veronica Moton says:

This is Sad

lisa rasheed says:

Don't give up

lisa rasheed says:

Please can someone please tell me who really wants to be with me and who really loves me

veronica Moton says:

Ah…..Someone like this deserves the best love ever. Ah….So WORTHY to be loved BACK. 🙂

Renee Ren-Patterson says:

So hard to understand which you have so many lovers (younger, smart and beautiful) around you. They are expected you a lot and hope you'll to love them. Do you read the comments from each of video?? I hope you did! All of peoples' true expression of feeling have make a lesson…….

Lisa Martinez says:

Let's never forget to be positive and never give up on what makes us happy, no matter how hard it has been, or how hard it may be. I will never give up on us. Don't ever forget, we have been waiting for a reason. We have God in common and we have the faith of a mustard seed. Honey, please don't give up. You know that I Love You, with all my soul. I know you feel the same. We can get together, as soon as you feel like it, Mi Amor.

Sundeep Dasari says:

I didn't change. Don't misunderstand me please

lisa rasheed says:

Please who is this can't you just call me or text me so we can talk you are the one who is staying away from me and not talking to me please talk to me

lisa rasheed says:

Alex where are you please I need my best friend more than ever , you cannot imgine what I am going through I need you to help me deal and make me feel better

Ann Palmér says:

You know!!💖💏💪

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