30+ Don’t Hurt Feelings of Love Quotes For Boys & Girls – Sad Love Quotations

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30+ Don’t Hurt Feelings of Love Quotes For Boys & Girls – Sad Love Quotations

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seven perfect girls says:

Thn dnt love as u fll fr womns is bad sign fr u. Giv chnce fr others to knw u & let thm com to u who doesnt cm thn it was nt urs & if thy come to u thy are urs in this way u dnt gt bcz u dnt love & dnt feel as if onesided love r feel depressed abt u lovng somone but opp person desnt giv u bck any love thr cn be mny reasons right.

Viven Mitchell says:

I never leave you, I took you with me . Remember I was forced to leave you. I believe if I did not leave you you would die.Remember you were many miles away from me and I thought for your own good I stopped talking to you. Remember it hurts so much. When you got sick I couldn't come to you because I don't know what would happen. I called you answer , but I was still listening for the abuse from your phone, I did not get any,then I knew that you were alone some how , but you never say a word. I am dying inside when I see these quotes. I love you.please understand, I understand what you went through . I went through the same thing and you know it was not our fault. Because we were meant to be. I love you.

Nancy l says:

Ok. Yes sad but true sometimes. It can hurt especially when it's family. And yes…
If only it were not so.

Sundari M. says:

When loving a Person for so long, but can not be together, it hurts so bad, you can only get Mad. Definitely I dont want to be anyone,s Secret. My Mom would turn over in her Grave. I deserve Only the Best.

Ali Samira says:

😭😭💖❤❤❤❤so sad to love someone but happy after it all thank to Allah

Free bird says:

I can relate to this…one quote from my end " I don't care about your happiness because you are the reason behind my sadness.💔"

Frankie Flowers says:

No I’m not happy I wanna cry now.

Penny Sutch says:

What do you do when they say what if I can't give you want you want.I said I want you.The end.

Sana khan says:

I love you soooooooo much Manish😥😥😥😥you 'll never understand how much I care for you

maria mistretta says:

If I ever hurt anyone without knowning it I always apologize for it.

maria mistretta says:

Been through that situation. All I ever did was love a guy and all he did was bully hulimate me hurt me been mean cruel hurtful to me. I loved a guy more then he desverse in returned he hurt me more and more year after year crying from what he do to me.

No matter how much I try to forgive him. He hold a grudge against me.
I can I even apologize so many times and no matter what it's not enough for him either.
I so wanna forget what he put me through. I don't want be in wars or fights.
A man who doesn't value me expect me to value him.

So trying to forget all the toxic things he did to me.
Instead of meaning the mean guy why not try to be the right guy instead.

Vishwanath Reddy N says:

Sometime mistakes happen unknowingly….

Victoria Highfill says:

I tried for 14 months with you.
Your wanted marriage but could
not leave your playmates alone and commit to only one. You are the one that made yourself unhappy….not me.
True love and soulmates are between only two people not the world of women and men.
This storybook romance CAN COME TRUE if you really WANT IT bad enough. Don't throw away your life long dream over
foolishness. 💓👸💋💋💋

Irma Wilkins says:

His Loss someone else is winning my love

Renaissance Man says:

Oh, no, my. Dear, that's so ironically said !!!

mehnab khan says:

forget me and your thinking of harming me all the time….

mehnab khan says:

if you want to be loved don't hurt your loved one out of jealousy. if you are jealous you hate the one you think you love…. in fact you dont love when you harm the other person. ….. so stop saying all these sweet words ….

Lynn Fernandes says:

Good get the message and fcuk off my ARSE.

Geeta Desai says:

Google I Love u are my best friend ofthe FAMILYMEMBERSand the world pl.don't dislikes me

SK Samer says:

Your love may be dead for me. But my love still remains for you…

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