25+ Best Interesting Cute Quotes for GIrls | Girl Quotes and Sayings | Quotes about Girls

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25+ Best Interesting Cute Quotes for GIrls | Girl Quotes and Sayings | Quotes about Girls

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M M says:

0:26 that's exactly me.
Never real but im perfect

Ankit Verma says:

Really these quotes are so touched to my heart

Gilmore Underwood says:

There are THOSE in LIFE have FAITH and BELIEVE., theirs is UNSHAKEBLE no matter how HARD the. TRIALS and TRIBULATION of LIFE. That STATEMENT they know its the GOSPEL. All kinds of DOORS shut in LIFE for All of US, but though of FAITH in GOD we know he is there and ANOTHER DOOR will OPEN in LIFE. The thing is EVEN if the DOOR OPEN we as MEN and WOMEN in LIFE must have COURAGE to WALK though it , for if not it may as well have remained CLOSED to US in LIFE.

Dell Hill says:

You hurt my feeling so much.

Kamei John Bosco says:

nice quotes

Priscilla Gonsalves says:

Very nice quotes was just finding 4 dis one

S H says:


Mystique Lou says:

Leave the doors alone already! its not a freak show …one freak after the other!

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