20 Cute Love Quotes

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These are sooooo cute! I love love quotes and breakup quotes and whatnot. I also love love love love love Frank Sinatra’s quote at the end! AW!

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Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

Very nice behavior👍👌

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

Abussive ppl👍

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

Nice ppl🌷🌷

Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO says:

Good song👍

lightsw0rd says:

@HouseOfNightGurl My best quote is from song "Just the way you are"
"When I see your face there's not a thing that I would change, cuz you are amazing just the way you are"
When I said that to my "girlfriend" I got a kiss from her … Best moment of my life

Andreea Ang says:

@sakuraiubita thank you!!

mrturdify says:

@logicalheart15 true

mrturdify says:

@sakuraiubita naked by avril lavigne

Andreea Ang says:

what's the name of the song?? please

Hannah Spencer says:

months had passed, everytime the doorbell rang, i wished it would be him waiting behind the door. my hopes had dropped and everytime i answered the door, i wasnt expecting it to be him:
me:-walks to the door and answeres it- sorry but my mum isnt OMG!
the boy who i loved:i promised, and i never break promises.
all you have to do is wait

Erika Smith says:

I can totally relate to the very last quote…. he loves her… </3 </3

Erica Marie says:

2:54 is my favorite!

6124279 says:

LOL i Just Found Out , Its Avril Lavigne – Not Gonna Run

6124279 says:

The Song Plz ?

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