16 Heartbreaking Quotes #sad

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Asha Jyothi says:

U guys probably be fighting who's first and I will be here enjoying d video


So beautiful 😍😇

Tristan Max says:

My soul hurts just missing you..😔

Shreya Negandhi says:

You are just a mind reader 😊

Val Nicols says:

It is a "lesson" …to build something again from nothing…to make better people maybe

evangelistic crusade says:

Thanks my love, even in a sad way of being remindered….but if we are in GOD'S perspective always theirs a hope and happiness, but it's just apart for sometimes if we feel sad even in GOD'S people can be happened!
But we just believe in Him that theirs joy in the presence of God! That nothing can compare with it if we meet that kind of joy and happiness!
But in my heart want deeply to reach each other nw here….I want our failure to turn into a victorious at all, that all becomes matter in our patience with each other!
Hope likewise!♡♡♡

Natalia Kh says:

La Fleur u r formdable😊thx a lot
Lovely as always 💙

Jasmine Ng says:

can you make a video about quotes for life and death? "We're all looking for the answers to questions we don't know"

Grace Nyaga says:

When that notification rings in my phone that La Fleur has a new video I just literally run there. Waking up to YouTube for the videos. So much love all the way from Kenya

Alex a says:

For the music in the background you can a Billie Eilish sing there really good

I hate life but I love Kim Namjoon says:

My quotes are
Sucide isnt being selfish it called trying to be selfless or it can be suicide isn't being selfish but being strong for to long

Opening our hearts is like opening our home to strangers you dont know what the might do with it

If people didnt forget everything there would be alot sadder people

Joy K says:

Amazing as always 👍💜

Rufaro Anesu says:

we're all looking for answers to questions we donnoe😕😢

misthi evol says:

The memories you left , they'll never fade away💔.& You still matter ; even though you chose not to chase me 💔This time it hits very hard.. ALWAYS admired your work ma'am 😍😘👌specially this one 💞Love LaFleur 💕

BeN YaGiZa says:

It's sad… Loving someone who loves someone else…〽

Rose Dale says:

Each scar on my soul is a tattoo of every dragon i conquered. Not just for love but also fake people has well. Great video

Sohail Raeen says:

Best one i always take screenshot your quote awesome i always love 🖤 and all video download 😊😊😊 thanks making for amazing quote thanks alots ❤️❤️

Astha Jain says:

I wanted to say much… but as I gone through the comments, others have already said everything. I can just say Thank you.

Ginger Cat says:

Evry scar on my soul is a dragon I've conquered….

Najma Pathan says:

Why do every time these quotes make their homes straight in my heart?!😍

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