15 Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

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rajat gupta says:

Ankit gupta


Im using it on her…she is getting emotional..

marilu sanchez says:

My boyfriend said the sweetest thing to me

Jason 1 says:

These are for middle schoolers


I use all this already I need something new I’m not good put my feelings in my own words


Thanks dude she is really crying😂😂😂

AverageDude says:

Thank you this worked so well. She was crying a lot and I could not make her stop all day. She said we need to talk later so I hope it’s about something good!

Cynthia Red says:

I'm going to write that

Sauce says:

If you want to get a girlfriend follow these steps
1. Be her friend (talk to her a lot)
2.see if she has Snapchat cause you don’t have to ask for it it will just pop up (or ask for her number)
3. Compliment her through text for ex say you think she’s cute
4. Wait till your prepared and then ask her out.

I recommend you to text her to ask her out

Good luck 🙂

Jaydon L says:

2:43 I tried it it doesn’t work

Sauce says:

If you want to make her cry just say were done

Conor Arnott says:

I'm not using this because we are both ten so it would be weird

Glasgow Scotland says:

That is fucking amazing

Joy Lucas says:

S sibrang desperado ng guy feeling nia gf nia ung ginastusan nia pr manalo s ms.universe

SummerxLouise x says:

Some of these can be to bffs when I had a fall out with mine I said these and we are friends yay

Filmseynsen Animations says:

yeets to say these things to my gf i m l e s b i a n

d e a l w i t h

i t

Alvin Ndung'u says:

Zote zakaa exagarated fala sana

AsaletliOsuruk AsaletliOsuruk says:

Now I'm Going To Use This On My Roblox GF Thanks.

CanadianTree Sauce35 says:

Number 2 my fav thanks I will use it

Tejion Jackson says:

My girlfriend would love these

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