15 Romantic long distance relationship love quotes to melt his heart

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10 Romantic long distance relationship love quotes to melt his heart

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Photography: Johannes Rapprich.

Music: Angel’s Dream.

Outro music: Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

♥ We wholeheartedly thank all the great royalty free music artists and photographers allowing us to do this beautiful video.

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Julie Finkelstein says:

I liked all the quotes, I would say 3. and 8. I liked a lot. Anything dealing with you is my favorite.

Marianeve Salvatore says:

Sei sempre tu il mio risveglio migliore buongiorno amore mi manchi da morire

Isyaan Khan says:

Love never die its remains always .

Sandrine Fomonyuy says:

My favourite was number 10 in fact all of them were amazing

Ubie Buttug says:

Love and Hope go hand in hand… Dear…
Oh How I long to have you near… I love you…

Lamisa Maisha says:

Am waiting for u my Prince.i know u live in another country😢…i want to see u in offline.
No 2 quotes I like most.

Tonia Bard says:

Love you so much dee nobody else but you know that it's you dee every night every every time I'm thinking of you wishing you were here wishing I was there and if you aren't thinking about everyday missing you morning you by my side dee nobody else but you know that it's you for life

Tammy Fleming says:

2 was my favorite because that is how he acted jealous when I introduced him to my son wow. He can't be jealous of my sons. He knows my daughters but my son's no. That is crazy. I really didn't understand that behavior now it makes sense. He has to work on that no come on can't be. Ha ha ha I love my Divine Masculine he is crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

k kurda says:

Every single letter was my favourite 🌺🍃

Tina Beck says:

I really loved it I so wish he was here i know it wnt happen. I know my dream wnt come true

Sara Mobarak says:

I wish I could make him understand that how much I love him..💔

Lata Prajapati says:

Is there any way to tell him that i love u
But not in words or signs

Lata Prajapati says:


Linda Brown says:

each quote was very beautiful thank you

rani naik says:

The best is the last one. Lovely quotes indeed.

Mira Lizada says:

Really. ..so sweet. …💋💘

Rhonda Soullier says:

How much longer? I will find a way to come if I must, I will give up the apartment to spend time with you…I would.

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

neat quotes ha!

fortressone22rr says:

Wonderful video and music 🙋🏻🌹🍀🌸🎶many greetings to you 👍🙋🏻🌹🍀🌸🎶

Rubee Hirini says:

5 one is my most favourite quote

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