14 short beautiful | love | sad Quotes

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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Kristina says:

Laura your quotes are amazing and each of them have touched me and have helped shape me into the person in whom I've become and have helped me help others boast there self confidence and I just want to tell you to keep doing what you are doing cuz you are impacting many people everyday. I also ask for you to try an post everyday because your quotes are the ones that bring me peace in the middle of the storm and I relate to so many of them its amazing. The works that you are doing here on Earth will be rewarded later on in Heaven. God loves you and when you feel that there is nobody there for you and you feel alone just know that he is always there no matter what. Thank you for these very powerful videos. LOVE U LOTS.-KRISTINA

Ngemung Bar poongsu says:

Nice….m($@))"!'$($'+3248928*355""@$(@) beautiful

Shaikh Quadeer says:

All quotes are amazing
Covers songs are best ones
Whose covers is it?

Sassy Pohtato says:

Hey you. Yes ,you. Have a wonderful day and I wish u the best❤️

Stephanie Winters says:

In fifth grade, I met the most amazing person in the universe. Her name was Lizzy and she was… Perfect. She left me for the popular girls though. Good things don't last forever

Rameez says:

Why does all the quotes tells my story……..😔

JD Castro says:

"Dying for something is better than living for nothing"

Savage Rons says:

You can't go back to someone who isn't waiting.
Painful but true

FyreNutella TM says:

You are amazing, you quotes break down me to tears. Keep up the amazing work!

Zubaria Khan Pritha says:

More than people and places I miss moments…..I touched my heart…cause this is what I always feel


Emotionally: I'm done.
Mentally: I'm drained.
Spiritually: I feel dead.
Mentally: I smile.

evangelistic crusade says:

Hi love, goodmorning!
And have a great day!
Hw r u ? For us, I just thrilled whatever our circumstance, cause my heart is already fix to God even while watching the video
Missing you my love…..and thinking of you much…..may you had already for your breakfast now!
A morning sweetest hugs and kisses to you my love!
May later is too late to hugs you in real….as the expression greetings of my love for you!
Exciting to see u my love…..take care always .as I cares of you….luv u muchhh….God Bless and leads our way!♡♡♡

Nibia Kapa says:


Aidah Abd Ghani says:

Sometimes the solution to a matter is very simple.We have to ponder and see it well.A lot of times we do not want to solve the matter because we think that there are better things out there for us.Never underestimate the power of good communication with people.I walk this earth believing in this saying : Either you want it or you don't.That's all.😊

Min Cris says:

You can't go back to someone who isn't waiting.😢 All of your quotes always touch my heart.😙😙

Kristina says:

You should make your vidoes a little bit longer.

MeMo sy says:


Tina Dilworth says:


Aya Didi says:

I like it 😍😍😍

Christabell says:

After all of this pain, if there's a heart left to give, it's yours.
When I read this, I realized the person we should really be in love with is Our self.

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