14 Quotes That Will Make You Tear Up

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❝Beautiful quotes and sayings❞

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Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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LaFleur says:

All the flowers of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds of today 🌸
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Katherine says:

Maybe you werent the one for me but deep down i wanted you to be 😞

tanzeel kosar says:

Can i have this piano music without voice, thanks in advance

Simrah J says:

wish it was longer!!

xXNeko ChanXx says:


Ruben Pelayo says:

It’s better someone actually says to you

Jessie Windomh says:

Totally not crying.

Just a person says:

I know this is COMPLETELY unrelated to what you do, but how do you edit/make your videos? Is there a certain editor or website you use? If you see this, please answer!! Love the quotes. 🧸🎀💜

Heart Quotes says:

So sad <3

Kashmyr Paguirigan says:

Love Yourself


Girls 4 Life says:

2:14 got me

Livia and Kris Spotts says:

I really have to tell you guys something.

I had a dog named Maddie. She died and I wasn’t with her when that happened. I never knew I would lose her that soon, until I did. I pray that she is having a good time in heaven and that she never forgets me, and that I never forget her.

Hyp3rxBant3r says:

Aww come on man i was in a good mood till a wached this video 😂😩😢😰😭

Bailey Nichols says:

I can relate to these


You are awesome

sylvania says:



Nicely said,😊

Dark Rose says:

My boyfriend was talking about how much he loved me one day and how much he hates me the next

Dark Rose says:

I have a quote me and my sis made the brightest star dyes don’t know if this already exists but oh well

Erica Thieke 20 says:

1:46 got me I miss the memories and it’s killing me to wake up every day and remember how they no longer love me

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