❤💕 Romantic love quotes – For someone special

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Romanticlove quotes for her and him
I miss you message for her, for him.
I love you message for her, for him.
Sweet love message for someone special.
I miss you sweetheart, I miss you so much.
I love you sweetheart, I love you so much.
Beautiful love quotes for girlfriend, boyfriend.
Sweet love letter to my one and only love

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I miss you every second of my life


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Jessica Jones says:

I miss you too❤️

Gary Pecoraro says:

I adore you😎! Guess who this is?
Ah! You looked! Well my Love I officially miss you too. This morning with our exchange of love info was so wonderful, I Love You my Darling! The day is almost over and hopefully we are almost there? And your with me, We have so much to talk about, Families, life, oh! That reminds me! I got a fortune cook with my lunch, guess what?
I guess your stuck with me for a long time!? Lol.
So how was your day ?
Dont you hate small talk? As I pass the time .
I could be with you instead! Loving on you , I won't go to far, the world is watching! Another joke! Can you tell I'm bored! I love you Moni, I need to be bored at home with you.!! 🤐 that's what I'm doing .
Love you baby 👫👉❤❤as❤

Mike or patty Rhoades says:


Mary Martini says:

Roo7 🍒💋

Mana Boy says:

Nice an good happy

Cristina ballent says:

Bonita música, quieres bailar?

Cristina ballent says:

Beautiful unique, I loved 💜💛💜

Sarah Colbert says:

The Hell with IT……….🤮I remember something my daughter said it reminds me of a certain person …to funny…His Old ass going to get something pass it on His karma to his bestfriend………👍🏼😏🙄 pls forgive me who ever reads and it dont apply too I really hate being negative but ask to stop seeing these messages through reporting them and all

Cecile Fauchon says:

I love my Romantic Love Quotes Thank you very much

Latoya Nembhard says:

I love it its so beautiful i look at it every little chance i get i love it

Bridget lee says:

I miss you much more my baby I am here to stay never leaving your side this I promise..!!😔💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💋💘

Josephine Burgos says:

Slow nothing in a hurry. Let time take It's path.

Deborah Jackson says:


Edith Radako says:

Thanks,in these difficult,hard ,horror world we need soame nice heart touching words

Emmy Enny says:

Sweet Kangaroo 😘😍Thank You 😘😍

Dhirendra Agarwal says:


radhia mami says:


Caron Harrison says:

Baby I love you & Miss you more than you know. I do need you cuz without you it's hard to breathe & you know what I mean. Love you more!!!😘💯❤️

Ingrid Heigl says:

I miss you to " the timing is not right " my hart is not free '

Jeliar 1212 says:


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