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Wow 500,000+ views, thank you guys so much! 🙂 I never thought this video would be so popular haha

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Phethile Maseko says:

i❤❤❤u babe

Mike or patty Rhoades says:

Hello! thank GOD seen it before I !!!!!!

Nilo Gumemba says:

Hi love, good evening my love, kararating ko lang dito sa bahay love , magsa shower muna ako love, l love you mahal ko!

rita nia says:

Habibiii 😊💖

sue carrigan says:

I'm your one and only love, Stacey was your biggest love, I don't doubt that for one minute, and I wouldent want to take that away from her, when your day comes she will be right there to greet you, im not jealous of that, its how its meant to be, but she has imparted the care of her baby's to me and for that I honour her that responsibility

Carol Lindley says:


Jean Carbillon says:

I agree that true love never ends

Cindy C. says:

Really good it brought on the tears again.

Jhovan Raña says:

What is the title of this song? anybody? please tell me if you know the title of this song.. thanks

Tabatha ROSSIGNOL says:

true love is just a word until someone gives a feeling to it

Grim Lock says:

To love someone is to hurt them..

Love Quotes says:

good good. i like video

Door Knob says:

I was the bandaid to your broken heart, but when she offered you stitches, you couldn't resist…~ Caleigh Meche

Tony Hill says:

3:41 my favorite!

Funny love & Daily life says:

(◡‿◡✿) I like the music and quote's, the love is interesting, see more here youtu.be :v = 5z_1l1aCSsQ (◡‿◡✿)

B.B. Not-A-Racial-Slur says:

In Russian, they don't say I love you. They say Мой член упал, и теперь это кровотечение. Я собираюсь взять его и засунуть его себе в задницу , пока вы не плакать.

dr arti sahai says:


Megan Oldham says:

True love is when you give someone a gun and trusting them not to pull the trigger

Megan Oldham says:

It takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to stand back up

DjMyxShadow PG says:

wow so romantic

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