♡ 25 Romantic ways to say I love you ♡♡ | LOVE QUOTES

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Romantic ways to say I love you | LOVE QUOTES

You love him so much, and you’re looking for some sweet romantic ways to tell him I love you, in the most lovely and the most beautiful way…

Well, you’re in the right place…

Share this video with the guy you love the most in the world so he knows how much you love him… 🙂
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Betty Dewanti says:

love you too💕

Caroline Lim says:

It's about true love, come here, I hold you tight and never let you go again 😂😘👌

English Rose says:

💙 my baby brings out the best in me 💙💙 never been romantic ever!!!! But he changed my outlook on love 💕ETC xxxxx

joleen wilson says:

So romantic you are.

Sarah '93 says:

te amo……

Norma Angoelal says:


dol gel says:

You are speaking my language…. Thanks

kencho zam says:

💌💕❤u 😍😚😘ur arms feel more like home more than any house ever do💏👫🏡✨✌👍

•Reaper Sans girl• says:

Lol I need this so I can tell my boyfriend I love him before my friend does XD

It'z Freeza says:

I need to know how to be confident I have kept my crush a secret for almost 7 years I am gonna move far away next year and I wish can tell him before I leave

Anupama Patil says:

I don't have the guts to say him this🤐😫

Reveron Everon says:

morning to my beautiful big baby boy ♍ this the day to say ; I LOVE YOU
have a blessed day and
take care of yourself
I'll going to work today
10;30/5;30 don't do what ever I won't do
love you forever more
💕💓👭 love you forever most 💌💬

Aaysha kappur says:

What a way expess your feeling for someone

Norma Morrell says:


Vikas Vicky says:

I love 2nd one

Dulanjali Perera says:

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Dulanjali Perera says:

loke. kisima. kollek. me. wage. Neha… kelin. Katha. karala. kelin. love. karana. kollo. kopamana. Enna. wada.

Dulanjali Perera says:

Mona. huthekda. Meka

Epupu Mendwe says:

Nyz i like it

Unie Brown says:

Fallen Embers,Im using my moms phone .

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